Local.Peter Bozier, 28, of Sudbury, apparently came across the victim in the popar dating software Tinder.

Local.Peter Bozier, 28, of Sudbury, apparently came across the victim in the popar dating software Tinder.

By Kaitlin McKinley Becker • Published 24, 2020 • Updated on October 24, 2020 at 1:01 am october

A Massachusetts guy is facing a litany of fees after pice state he kidnapped, seriously beat and threatened to kill a female in the Sudbury home.

Pice state Peter Bozier’s assative behavior also continued after he had been arrested for the so-called vient ordeal with a lady he came across in the popar dating application Tinder, the Boston Globe reported.

Bozier, 28, of Sudbury, is charged with kidnapping, strangation, assat and battery pack, two counts of assat and battery pack by having a dangerous tool, intimidation of the witness, two counts of assat and battery for a pice officer, threats to commit a crime, unlicensed procedure of an automobile, and marked lanes viation, according to your Sudbury Pice Department.


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Tuesday, Sudbury pice received a study of mtiple vient and heinous offenses, Chief Scott Nix stated. Detectives taken care of immediately Lahey Hospital in Burlington to interview the victim that is female.

Detectives say they learned throughout the meeting that the lady have been seriously beaten while being held against her might at a Sudbury residence. The lady additionally reported to pice that the suspect threatened to destroy her son or daughter in wanting to keep her from reporting exactly what occurred.

Pice had the ability to determine a suspect and Bozier had been arrested during an auto end on Boston Post path, where he lives. Pice say he had been initially cooperative but turned belligerent, vient and uncooperative.

Bozier ended up being examined by the Sudbury Fire Department for a cut that is small their little finger provided numerous battles that took place while pice attempted to secure him in a mobile booking space, Nix stated.

After whining of other medical disorders, Bozier ended up being twice taken up to the Emerson Hospital in Concord where he had been cleared both times by medical experts, pice said.

Through the altercations, a few officers sustained scrapes, cuts and bruising but none required treatment that is medical relating to Nix.

Pice state they truly are fortunate the incident did not sleep in almost any other severe injuries from Bozier’s behavior.

“We wod prefer to thank the Concord Pice Department in addition to Massachusetts State Pice in assisting with contrling Bozier in xmeets transporting him through the medical center,” Nix stated in a declaration. “We wod also want to thank the Sudbury Fire Department plus the Emerson medical staff in ensuring Bozier’s wellness despite having their belligerence.”

The target is coping with the real accidents she sustained throughout the ordeal, pice stated.

Bozier had been arraigned Wednesday in Framingham District Court where he had been purchased held pending a dangerousness hearing scheded for in a few days. It is not clear if an attorney is had by him who is able to reply to some of the costs he is dealing with.

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