Neopets Spotlights & Contests

A good tip is to go by a theme when building your customization and get to know the zones in which the wearables work, since sometimes you might want to put two wearables but they both work on the same zone. There are also are very similar items that don’t use the same zone . Be aware that there are items that use different zones depending on the species of pet that is wearing them too. An item that might be a shoe for a Krawk can be a hindcover for a Peophin. Even right and left hand items can differ, especially between four-footed pets and pets waves coin standing up! Investigate closely how the different items work for every pet you own. If you plan to enter on this contest, you firstly need to select if you wish to go by NP wearables or NC. If you go by NP you’ll only be able to use NP wearables or paintbrush clothes, since even if you just use 1 NC wearable, the contest will immediately only give you the option to submit it as a NC entry. Either you chose, firstly make a plan for it on Dress to Impress (), so you know what to get and don’t waste NC or NPs on items that you’ll later don’t use.

  • I can buy one book, get the beanie with a couple of shields, or just get a handful of shields.
  • Not all has been pink and roses for the Hidden Tower.
  • The first 10,000 people to figure out the mystery island plot got this.
  • I have no idea how the prices for AC items will pan out.
  • The popularity of the treasures that this shop holds got into the ears of Captain Xelqued, an Alien Aisha that decided to steal the secrets of the valuable items sold by the Queen Fyora.
  • This item was retired of the shop a couple years later though.

The Caption Contest is the one in which TNT submits a Neopets-related image and based on that one, the users can submit a funny text to go with it. TNT selects 25 submissions and people can vote for their favorites every 4 hours. The top 15 winners of the Caption Contest receive 5,000-10,000 Neopoints, a rare item, and a trophy. You can also get an avatar if you win any 100th Caption Contest . The Art Gallery is a contest in which you submit a Neopets-related artwork, either from special events or in general, in order to share it with the rest of the players and get some rewards.

You can offer on both, but you can only win one. Offer any broken plushie to participate. Requesting R34 of the Kelp restaurant peophin and some tentacles, maybe a mutant Jetsam. Yes, I just missed the silver shoyru MP because of that, but if you just got a MP, what’s so bad about missing 1 restock? I gave out the two usukis plus other things worth around how to buy waves with usd their value. Made a million today between FC and selling off some of my stamps. 840 if red and gold balloons appears in each round and you manage to hit them. I got a 25K moltara book, a 120K gourmet chocolate, a 50K booktastic, a 450K booktastic and a 150K booktastic. A 20K coin, a 150K scarab and several 3K-9K books that I have read to my pet.

Price History

Shield is classified as the same thing as my other held wearable and they aren’t compatible together. I just want my Koi to have a sword and shield. Enter any item with Skeith in the name and you might get lucky. It appears there is yet another battle to go depending on what team you have joined against Apathy , Envy , Pride , Wrath , Death , and Greed . Come face to face with the captains of the other teams in what appears to be this final battle stage. Check out our Future Fashions Guide for previews of these items.

The most important thing on this spotlight is the theme of your gallery. If you have a creative theme, you’ll have many more chances of being selected than if you make a gallery based on something a lot of people already have . The Storytelling contest is a weekly spotlight in which users create a story together adding a paragraph to follow up the last ones in order to continue it until they reach the end of the week. If your submissions gets selected you’ll win a trophy, 2,000NPs and a rare item. Once you select the day and theme of your poem is time for a little brainstorm. Like the name tells, the Poetry Contest is a spotlight in which you can submit your poems about Neopets themes in order to get featured. When winning you get a Trophy for your account, a rare item and 1,000 NPs. This is the easiest writing contest there’s on the list since it usually doesn’t take much time to write a poem and they do accept short ones of 15 lines. There’s also no need to be a great writer since as long as your poem is Neopets appropriate and it follows a clear rhyme, you’ll have a chance to win. The art quality is not a greatly important factor since art of many types gets accepted in but it does help to make clear understandable draws, and if you have an own style, much better.

Neopets Tcg Rare Wocky Beast Card 2003 93

Nobody will remember, but I used to be a multi-millionaire on Neopets. It probably isn’t that impressive to you guys, especially now, but I had over 10mil. Right before I quit I was giving that shit away, along with all the rare items I acquired. This is the first Neopets thread I’ve seen since then.

Nice, I find that shops with small item pools stock too slowly for my taste. Almost 100% of neocodex prices are bots quickselling UBs. Neocodex says 99k, but it seems really rare because it’s nonfunctional gift shop fodder outside of the astronomically low odds of a space faerie quest. Oh, and with regards to that, you might want to make sure that the nps on your auctions are under 300, maractite waves coin because I’ve heard that neopets only logs transactions involving 300+ np. I’m still sitting on my Dark Faerie Doll. And that doesn’t even include items like the vintage jerseys and that new smile wearable, among others. No person can use all this tacky clothing. Probably suck multiple cocks though for 50 points. So glad they spent all that time on that as opposed to a good item.

I only go for items that look really good. And I usually stick to one shop until it is full, and then go to another one. I usually only get restock banned on half-price day. Then that one time I didn’t, oh god all the items. I guess if you ever snipe a cool cup/mug you can give it to me, but you don’t have to pay me back. Your goal now is to make a gallery of phallic items and not get caught by TNT. Someone just messaged me saying, I’ll buy it for 700, which was the price I had on the description of the trade. I have never stop ayone from participating just because they screw up with the item.

Click in the navigation below to get to a certain stamp page. We’ve organized the list of shops into categories based on the type of items each shop sells and included a link to the Item DB () to show you all of the items each shop stocks! If we have a guide for the shop in question, you can visit it by clicking the fancy Jelly Kacheek head (). We hope this serves as an amazing resource for those users wanting to learn the ropes of restocking. The Item Database is a collection of items found on Neopets allowing users to view information such as the item’s price, price history, profit, and owners. The Item Database is fully automated and requires minimal user input in order to update the data contained within it. You must be strong to wield these items in battle.

The Hidden Tower had its first change in June of 2007, where it closed for people with accounts younger than 4 months old. If they tried going to the link of the shop, they would be redirected to Faerie City. Then, on the April Fools Day of 2009, TNT closed the Hidden Tower as a joke. After this event, the access to the Hidden Tower changed once more to become what now is, where people with accounts younger than 4 months old could visit the shop but not purchase any of the items. She opened such trapdoor and climbed through maractite waves coin where she discovered an abandoned courtyard, overrun with weeds and rubbish. Celandra decided to clean this space up and while doing this, a magical doorway swung open and then became invisible. She approached the place and touched the invisible walls of the long lost Hidden Tower, grasping then the doorknob and discovering when opening it a large collection of rare magical items. But there are two opportunities in which you can receive a discount in the Hidden Tower. Yes, missed another mutant lolipop but still got this.

Neopets Database

The guide was the inspiration for this, but didn’t include a good way to grab coins, or stamps not in the shop, etc. This is ALL, cheapest to most expensive, straight forward. That fateful day over just four months ago was the first time Paar had truly learned to appreciate the blue hue of the ocean and, of course, maractite. That unprecedented transformation both cursed and blessed her. Over time the prices of the items will change. If there is an empty space in the list below, that means that Neopets has not created a stamp, coin or sea shell for that spot yet, as soon as they do, this page will be updated. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. I’ve gotten a Candychan as a ‘rare item’ previously. Do not rush and feel that there’s the need to fill every little zone with items in order to win. There must be a harmony between the elements and always try to match them to the Neopet you have and the theme you’re going for.

Not all has been pink and roses for the Hidden Tower. The popularity of the treasures that this shop holds got into the ears of Captain Xelqued, an Alien Aisha that decided to steal the secrets of the valuable items sold by the Queen Fyora. This item was retired of the shop a couple years later though. I can buy one book, get the beanie with a couple of shields, or just get a handful of shields. I have no idea how the prices for AC items will pan out. The first 10,000 people to figure out the mystery island plot got this. While prices fluctuate, all of these items are aimed to be under 2,000 Neopoints.

Once you get your submission accepted and published, you’ll win a trophy, 10,000NPs and a random item. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. Now that you know how the Hidden Tower works, you might be interested in learning a little bit about it’s background. The Hidden Tower was first announced on January 16, 2001 , and was officially opened in January 17 of the same year. If you have an account that is older than 60 months old, you can use the Loyal User Perk introduced in 2010 for the Hidden Tower. This perk gives a 3% discount in all the items every third Wednesday of the month. Once an item is retired from this shop, no more will enter the Neopian economy, making such item much more rare and expensive with time. Back in the start of this shop, the Hidden Tower used to sell mostly battledome weapons and equipment over anything else, which explains why the list that now you’ll see has an abundance in that section. But not too long ago, Fyora started to stock Paint Brushes, Faerie Dolls, Plushies and other goodies, transforming the Hidden Tower in what we can see now a days. Lingerie, sexual items, sexual descriptions.

From beyond the stars
the Alien Aishas came
with their vast array
of vending machines. These mysterious machines
require a Nerkmid to work,
which is easy enough to find
by beating the Jetsam Ace into the dirt. Just put one of these
star-shaped wonders inside,
then push the buttons
to hear the machine come to life! A whirr and a spin
and a few puffs of blue and green,
and out will come some wonderful
Gross aon order Food from the vending machine! They might seem strange,
being made of slime and fungus,
but to Alien Aishas
these meals are all delicious! Of course, with how popular it is,
inevitably it will run dry. When that happens, a paint brush might fall out —
but please, don’t cry! You’ll get a new chance
at Alien Aisha cuisine;
just get another Nerkmid
and put it into the machine.

Neopets Dream Goal: Completed!

Like the freaking beach shop shopkeeper. I guess until they fix BD they have to stick to mystery plots. I just like figuring things out with you bros. Offer a GOLDEN beaxy exchange item to get a chance at this valuable CC. Which probably means the actual price is about 500k. Whoever cleaned 3 rows of usuki must be pissed right now.

Got around a mill worth of candy and stamps. Stamp really is too hard for me, I only got 2 stamps by sheer luck. I went for the ring aswell, only one I knew the price, got haggle. But refreshing every 4 seconds puts me at a disadvantage. I just tested it out, it does tell you if its sold out, so I could of got the stamp. Neocodex rarely gets any of the stamps they see, so it is very possible.

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